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Little Tots Estate Annabelle *D

April 4, 2011


blue eyes

Photos courtesy Sycamore Springs

Little Tots Estate Annabelle *D *B Rosasharn HB Chewbacca Rosasharn TF Honey Bear *S Rosasharn Tom Fulery *S
ARMCH Rosasharn Buckwheat Honey 3*D E
ARMCH Rosasharn TL Arwen 8*D ARMCH Rosasharn Tiger L *S E
ARMCH Rosasharn Elfin 7*D VG
Little Tots Estate Kalanchoe Woodhaven Farms Levi Legend Woodhaven Farms Leviathon
Woodhaven Farms Fetching
Little Tots Estate Mimulus *B MCH/CH/PGCH Little Tots Estate Tsuga
Little Tots Estate Anemone
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The opportunity to add Annabelle to our herd was exciting in a few ways.  First, she brings back in some genetics we liked or wanted and had had in the past.  Her sire, Chewy, had a daughter here whom was sold to a pet home - we had had very high hopes for that doe and were so disappointed to loose her genetics.  Annabelle's dam is a full sister to our sold buck, Chip which makes Annabelle a half sister to our doe, Crown Jewel!  And a silly last note - one of our first 5 goats ever was named Annabelle!  So in a nostalgic way we're able to look back and smile in three regards at this new addition to our herd.

It looks like Annabelle will be a great asset to our breeding program based on these photos.  She appears elegant and dairy.  Her udder looks quite nice with a full rear udder, defined medial and sufficiently extended fore. 

She comes to us with a good production record, as well.

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March 2012 1/1   @Sycamore Springs  
December 2012 1/1   @Sycamore Springs  


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