Show Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Southwestern Indiana


Proud to have been the Home of +B MCH/GCH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S/+DS!

And +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S/+DAR!

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Updated 11/5/2015

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2014 AGS Top Ten Awards!

AR Helmstead Minis TM Fergie 2*M/2*D (owned by Jill Maple-Thomas)

305 - Milk - #10, ODT - High Score - #10, ODT - Milk - #7, ODT - Protein - #9

AR Helmstead Minis FF Party Dress 1*M/1*D/*DLT (tested by Jill Maple-Thomas)

305 - Protein - #10

Helmstead Minis FF Glamorous 2*D/2*DD (sold)

ODT - Protein - #2

Helmstead Minis FF Kindle *D/*DD

ODT - Protein - #3

Helmstead Minis F On Fire Baby *D/*DD

ODT - Protein - #5

Helmstead Minis P Farfalla 2*D/2*DD

ODT - Protein - #6

Helmstead Minis C Crown Jewel *D

ODT - Protein - #8

Helmstead Minis KW Ambitious 3*D/3*DD

ODT - Protein - #9


We were the recipient for 2014 of the NDGA Heritage Producer's Award for the most new star does with our herdname!


**If you have a HMG goat and have show results to announce, please email them to me with a photo!**

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