Show Quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats in Southwestern Indiana


Proud to have been the Home of +B MCH/GCH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S/+DS!

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Updated 6/22/2015

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We have several lovely buck and doe kids available.  Check out the kidding schedule and for sale pages!

2015 Kiddings began in January.  All of our does are confirmed bred via ultrasound!!  Reservations are open - get yours in for first refusal!


2014 AGS Top Ten Awards!

AR Helmstead Minis TM Fergie 2*M/2*D (owned by Jill Maple-Thomas)

305 - Milk - #10, ODT - High Score - #10, ODT - Milk - #7, ODT - Protein - #9

AR Helmstead Minis FF Party Dress 1*M/1*D/*DLT (tested by Jill Maple-Thomas)

305 - Protein - #10

Helmstead Minis FF Glamorous 2*D/2*DD (sold)

ODT - Protein - #2

Helmstead Minis FF Kindle *D/*DD

ODT - Protein - #3

Helmstead Minis F On Fire Baby *D/*DD

ODT - Protein - #5

Helmstead Minis P Farfalla 2*D/2*DD

ODT - Protein - #6

Helmstead Minis C Crown Jewel *D

ODT - Protein - #8

Helmstead Minis KW Ambitious 3*D/3*DD

ODT - Protein - #9



Pride of Texas Morning Star 1*M/*D/*DD

Olde South Blue Bella 1*M/*D/*DD

Little Tots Estate Kirby 1*M/*D/*DD

CapraKoza Northern Lights 1*M/*D/*DD

Helmstead Minis P Farfalla 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Helmstead Minis C Crown Jewel 1*M/*D

Helmstead Minis BBB Tambora 1*M/*D/*DD

Helmstead Minis RS Pigeon 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Helmstead Minis F Fireinthesky 2*M/2*D/2*DD

Helmstead Minis F Checkers 1*M/*D/*DD

Kids Corral PT Saddle Charmer 1*M/*D/*DD

AOF AJ's Florence Nightengale 5*M/5*D

Helmstead Minis AM Wings 1*M/4*D/4*DD

Helmstead Minis BL Dove 3*M/3*D/3*DD

Helmstead Minis KW Vera 1*M/*D/*DD

*Through his beautiful and accomplished daughters, Flame has posthumously earned his Plus Sire status in ADGA, AGS & NDGA*


**If you have a HMG goat and have show results to announce, please email them to me with a photo!**

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