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Proud to have been the Home of MCH/CH/PGCH Kids Corral LL Fire Flame +S/+DS!

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Updated 10/17/2014

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Fall Kiddings will resume in late October!  All of our does are confirmed bred via ultrasound!!  Reservations are open - get yours in for first refusal!



We participated in One Day Milk Tests this spring and summer.  Here are the does who've starred so far:

CHW DF Lucretia MacEvil *M/*D/*DD ~ barn leader

AR Helmstead Minis FF Party Dress *M/*D/*DLT

Sinai Thunder A Heavenly Peace 8*D/*DD

Helmstead Minis KW Ambitious 3*D/2*DD

Sinai Thunder AG Miracle 2*D/*DD

Helmstead Minis KW Bebot 2*D/*DD

Helmstead Minis On Fire Baby *D/*DD

Helmstead Minis FF Kindle *D/*DD

Helmstead Minis Foolin W Fire *D/*DD

Helmstead Minis P Farfalla *D/*DD

Helmstead Minis BBB Tambora *D/*DD

AOF AJ's Florence Nightengale *D

Helmstead Minis F Flame's Phoebe *D/*DD

Helmstead Minis C Crown Jewel *D

Helmstead Minis FF Glamorous 2*D/*DD (sold)

CapraKoza LL Joy's Blue Moon *D (sold)

CapraKoza MEL Corpus Christi *D (sold)

Chinook Winds DF Susie Q *D/*DD (sold)

*Through his beautiful and accomplished daughters, Flame has posthumously earned his Plus Sire status in AGS & NDGA*


**If you have a HMG goat and have show results to announce, please email them to me with a photo!**

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